Jacksonville, NC Newborn Photographer | Baby Alisson

This blog is coming a bit late, so sorry about that folks! Christmas holiday got me so far behind on this so I will be spamming you guys with adorable babies. That’s okay, right? I thought so!

Baby Alisson was simply amazing. She came and slept most of the time and the part she was awake for she just watched me with her beautiful eyes, content and calm in whatever wrap or outfit she was in. Such a sweet little doll baby. There are always things about the babies that I see that I consider my favorite thing about them. For this little girl, it was her skin. She still had her fuzziness about her which was just so soft!

She was just so elegant. Such timeless beauty, just like her Mommy. I was so excited to see how much she had changed from when I saw her in the hospital. And she looked just as sweet and adorable as the first day I met her. Such a tiny little girl with eyes that could melt your heart with one look.

I really loved that her Mom picked such a bright and sunny color scheme, it really warmed up the studio! It was so refreshing to take a break from the deep holiday colors and bring in the blues and yellows! She looked absolutely lovely next to it. To add a bit of texture, we brought in a stunning silver fur to really highlight her warm skin tones. I really think she pulled off both a bright set and a muted one, absolutely perfectly. This was their favorite picture and I have to say it’s one of mine as well. I don’t get to see babies with their eyes open and just calm so this was a real treat for me.

Being born in one of the colder months, we were also able to bring in the holiday spirit. I decided to go more elegant and unique with snowflakes and the pure beauty of whites and greys. Little girls are so sweet and delicate, so being able to incorporate that was awesome. I even got a little lace skirt just for her!

Over all, being my last sweet girl of 2015, this ended my year on a high note. She was perfect and absolutely stunning.

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