Jacksonville, NC Newborn Photographer | Baby Jayce

With the start of 2016 came fresh, new, adorable babies. Baby Jayce was the first baby to grace my studio with her lovely face this year. One thing I love about my job is that no baby is the same size. Some are adorable squishy, chunky babies and some are petite and delicate. Jayce was my favorite type, the squishy babies with rolls on rolls. SHE WAS PERFECT. Coming in at a little over 9 pounds, she was so cuddly.


Her session came with a few requests; one that made my heart soar. They wanted to use my Flag scarf. I absolutely adore this item in my studio and use it as often as I can. There’s something so symbolic about the meaning of the flag while being used for a Newborn session. This particular request was near and dear to my heart, they wanted to use it as a cradle for their precious little girl. So innocent and sweet, cradled in the protection of it’s colors and safety in her Father’s hands. It could not have come out more perfect.

I loved going with the Traditional girl looks and colors with an Audrey Hupburn twist adding in a cute black lace outfit. She rocked this look. Matching the classic black with a sweet addition of pink, wrapped this look up like a little package. Add a touch of Gold, and it’s perfect. As Audrey Hepburn always said “Elegance is the only beauty that doesn’t fade”


We of course added in the Classic baby girl colors of Pink and Cream. With her beautiful creamy complexion. Going back to the classics wrapped this session and it’s looks up perfectly. I always like using the Neutral looks with my Newborn sessions. It really applies focus directly to the baby and their unique and ever changing Newborn look.