Jacksonville, NC Newborn Photographer | Baby Abel

My very last baby of 2015 was tiny, adorable Abel Thomas. I was so excited for his session because I thought his name was simply put awesome. His parent’s got his precious name from a show they watch; Sons of Anarchy. How cool is that?

The first part of his family’s journey was when he was only about the size of a lemon in his Mommy’s Belly! She had such a cute bump. We decided to split up her Maternity session into two parts because Daddy had to continue his hero work and fight for our freedom. Such a very brave Daddy indeed!


A few months past and I got to see how much Abel had grown inside his Mommy! I was so excited to see the difference. It really made me feel connected to his birth story to see him grow like that. She was radiant as always and very keen to try my new gown; made by the lovely ladies at Sew Trendy Accessories. The day was beautiful but the bugs were EVERYWHERE! She was such a trooper though, we were waving the bugs away left and right but she kept on smiling and showing off her beautiful Mama Glow!

DSC_0095DSC_0077             DSC_0031

When I got the email that little Abel had been born, I was over the moon with excitement! I was finally going to be able to meet this sweet little baby boy after so many months of waiting for him. We set the date and all the details and when the day came, I could hardly wait to see him. I was happy and yet sad at the same time. Abel was my last Newborn of 2015, and I feel like he was the perfect end to an amazing year

We went with a rustic charm feel for his session. Some beautiful red and holiday tones without going over the top for Christmas. He was such a handsome little man that slept the entire time. One of the most calm and laid back babies I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

DSC_0834Just look at that perfect pout! So adorable!!!

DSC_0841      DSC_0886

For the last part of his session, I wanted to give them a bit lighter notes as well so it wasn’t just dark on dark. I went with some lovely creams mixed with a play on the traditional boy colors and tying in the grey I used at the start of the session. I also tried a new pose which turned out to be my favorite photo of all of 2015. I take some artistic shots during each session;  toes, hands, nose, ears, and this one of his hands and little pout was simply perfect.



I really enjoyed his session over all. I feel like it was the best way to end my 2015 year here in beautiful Jacksonville, NC and I truly cannot wait until I can see him in front of my lens again. This family and little boy will have a very special place in my heart. I will treasure his little pout for many years to come.

Blue Maternity Gown: Sew Trendy Accessories
Red Plaid Pants: Props by Jenna
Blue Mix Bonnet: The Huntt Boutique