Jacksonville, NC Maternity Photographer | Lindsey Maternity

When we first met up for Lindsey’s Maternity session, it was FREEZING! The wind was blowing, it was seriously cold. So about 5 minutes into the session, we called it and decided to try the following weekend. SO- fast forward a week! It was BEAUTIFUL. The sky was lovely, the weather was warm and everything was in a word; perfect.

We decided to meet up at one of my favorite locations; Hospital Point Recreation Area on the beautiful Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, NC. It’s a very popular spot that many photographers love to use; myself included. It has a beautiful beach area as well as decade old Oak Trees with Spanish Moss cascading from it’s limbs. The best part that I like is that it has two HUGE playgrounds for little one’s to unwind after the Family photos while Mom gets her bump close ups taken.

To start off with, we traveled down one of the trails to a secluded little spot that I absolutely adore. It over looks the water and has a beautiful tree right on the edge of a small hill and has a nice big opening for kids to enjoy while we take Mommy and Daddy photos. Kannon; the soon to be Big Brother was absolutely ADORABLE!




This family was so full of joy and life, it was so great to see how they interacted with each other. Lindsey was absolutely stunning. She had a wonderful glow not only from her Pregnancy but she was always smiling; from our first encounter to when we left. We talked about our two boys and how similar they were. She asked how my son’s birthday went. It was such a pleasure to work with someone that I could carry on a warm conversation with. Client’s like Lindsey are definitely why I love what I do. I felt very welcomed and apart of this joyous adventure they were on to bring another beautiful boy into this world.

It was finally time for some of just Lindsey. While Kannon played over at the playground, I got to really give her the spot light that all Mom’s should get during the last bit of their pregnancy. And she OWNED IT! She flowed with my directions and really made her session her own. The red gown complimented her complexion wonderfully and gave a great contrast to the cool of the ocean behind her.











Right at the end we brought the guys back over for some last minute on the beach family photos on one of the most iconic pieces of Hospital Point; a beautiful fallen over tree that stretches out into the water and has the sun set right behind it. It has beautiful lines reaching out behind it and extending into the horizon.


All in all; this was by far one of my most favorite sessions at Hospital Point. Kannon kept me on my toes and gave me some adorable expressions and mischievous smiles. He’s going to be an AMAZING big brother. This family of 4 has so much love in between them it’s truly an honor to sit back and watch as well as capture for them to enjoy in the years to come.