Who you hire matters | Maryland Newborn Photographer

Our children are the most precious and important beings in any parent’s lives. We are wired to take care of them and do what is best for them. To keep them safe. When we are getting their first haircut, we look for someone who’s the best. When they are hurt, we look for the best pediatrician. When they have a cavity, we look for the best dentist. Even when looking for a baby sitter, we ask for references and experience. Yet; when we look for a Photographer to take their very first photos, some pause when it’s time to ask for their certifications or training.  Why?

Newborn Photography is beautiful. It’s precious. But, it can also be dangerous when not done correctly. You are handing you new little one to a person, who is supposed to have the training and ability to keep your little one safe. More often than not, that training and skill; like other professions, will come at a higher cost. But, would you have someone with a beginners first aid kit give your little one stitches when they get hurt? Probably not. So, why risk them with an inexperienced photographer? Some poses take a lot of time to learn and master, a lot of images; such as the one shown below, is actually 2-3 images edited together because of their delicate spines.

So what about me? I personally have been a professional Newborn Photographer for 5 years. Before I started specializing, I had a hands on mentor whom I assisted for a few months. I’ve taken online courses on wrapping and posing. I ventured all the way to Australia to train with some of the biggest and best names in Newborn Photography; such as Luisa Dunn, Leah Robinson, Erin Hoskins, Leanne Curtis etc. I’ve started to teach posing, wrapping, and safety for about a year now as well myself.

I’m endorsed by The American Pregnancy Association as an Alumni member of The Motherhood Society. I’m a member with The International Newborn Photography Association and The Accredited Professional Newborn Photographer Association. I’m licensed in the state of Maryland as well as insured to make sure the little ones in my studio are safe and sound.

While I know that not everyone will book with me and that’s okay. Everyone has different tastes, budgets, and ideas! What’s important is when you talk to a photographer to book them is to ask questions about what sort of training they have. How long and who did they study with? What sort of certifications and accreditation they have? Are they licensed and insured? These are very important when you’re looking for a someone to handle your sweet, new baby.

Be safe. Enjoy them being little and capturing their precious newness.