Giving Back

Giving back in any way possible is always something that I strive to do.

If you or someone you know has suffered a late term miscarriage or hospital infant loss; have them contact this amazing company to capture the beauty of their precious child.
Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

Red Thread Society

While doing research for my Now I lay Me Down to Sleep membership, I came across another equally amazing organization; The Red Thread. This gives complimentary sessions for adoption families. I’m thrilled to be apart of this opportunity to capture a family becoming whole.

Whole Heart Photography

Being military affiliated I understand that sometimes Daddies can miss important parts of life; such as a pregnancy, birth, and first few weeks or months of a babies life. My own husband missed my entire pregnancy with our daughter M. Fingers and Toes Photography offers 25% off Maternity sessions and 50% off Newborn sessions to families separated by a Deployment.