Family Photography Session | Valley Farms | Minden, Nevada

When this family first contacted me, I was so excited. I had always seen photos of families on their farms and ranches with their animals and have always wanted to have the honour of capturing someone’s entire family! When I arrived to their beautiful property, I was in awe. Everything was lush, glowing in golden piles with the sunset and the mountains behind gave a breathtaking backdrop. This family of 6; are the owners of Valley Farms in Minden, NV and breed miniature horses! So naturally, some of these adorable creatures were included in this family’s photo session. First things were first, the Mom and Dad with their four lovely children. From teenager down to school-aged, these kids each had their own unique personality, which was my pleasure to capture!

The fun-loving bond this amazing family has an unique bond that you can see in every moment you’re with them. The love they have for each other bubbles to the surface every time the parents look at their children and each other. As a photographer, that’s really a pleasure to capture families who have this kind of bond. One you can feel in every capture. As a Mom, I can tell you, it’s so so very important to capture moments with our kids. They are fleeting. They grow up in a blink of an eye. There’s nothing better than immortalizing their childhood.

I always save my favorite part of the sessions for last; taking photos of just the parents. After we have kids, sometimes we tend to stay behind the camera; with only one parent in the frame with our adorable kids. It’s always important for us to take photos of ourselves as we grow together in our marriage and family with our kids. Each year brings us closer to each other through the rough patches and loving moments we all share. These two looked at each other like they were teenagers still head over heels in love with each other, it was adorable to share what I saw with them!

It was the best session I’ve had in 2020 and one I will remember and look back on fondly for many years to come. I hope to capture this family again in their bright future.

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